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Learning to grow what you love, from sowing in early spring to harvest and beyond.

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Welcome to The Cornish Home

Welcome to The Cornish Home, the place where you’ll get all your questions answered. This blog is guaranteed to help you improve your skills and knowledge by providing you with tips, tutorials and videos. Keep your curiosity alive—join our community today!


My name is Sophie and I live in beautiful Cornwall in the far south-west of England with my partner and our two lovely children.  Like many of us I turned to my garden for support through the dark days of the pandemic and in doing do I revived my love of gardening.  We live on a housing estate with a very small garden so I decided to look for an allotment where I could grow fruit and vegetables as well as more flowers. 

The last couple of years have turned all our worlds upside down and many of us took to our gardens to ease our fearful minds and to help us to deal with heartbreak.  Now the world is slowly righting itself again should we abandon our gardens like we once did?  I. for one, think we shouldn’t.

There a maybe a time soon we will reply on our gardens for food and joy once more. From sowing our seeds, to planning our layouts to recipes I use with the harvest we grow.


I full heartedly believe that growing your own food should be fun!

Let me help you to learn how you can make the most of a small space. From balconies to patio gardens, anyone can grow a harvest!

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Let's Grow Together

Let's face it, sometimes with gardening we have no idea where to start, but let me hold your hand and help you step by step throughout the year. Here you will have access to my full blog articles, all the videos and all of my guides. As well you will be apart of a community that can contact me for help and advice with your own garden . I will also be adding home recipes for you to use with the harvest YOU grow. Join the community here and become part of the family.

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