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Completely Compost!

Composting is viewed as a tricky gardening process, and many don't even entertain the idea because they have no idea where to start! But trust me! It is extremely easy, worthwhile and actually fun! So you have planned out your garden. You have an idea where you want everything to be, but you also want to have a compost pile! Wonderful! My first tip is to not have your compost heap near your house or a door or under a window. Yes, well-rotted compost that is ready to use smells fantastic, but the actual rotting process can be a little smelly. So I advise putting your compost heap away from the house. My compost heap is up at the allotment, I have a gardening recycle bag for the small courtyard garden at home. This is mainly due to the fact that I have so many rescue roses that have "Black Spot" (a fungal disease) that I wouldn't want to transfer any clippings or leaves into my compost and therefore infect my next year's supply of soil. Your local Council gardening collection service will be happy to take anything that has an infection such as "blight" or "brown/ black spot” because their compost heap is so large that the heat it produces can kill off nearly all diseases. Our little back garden ones will never reach those temperatures and even if they did it would kill all the goodness we need too. So look to get a collection once a fortnight. It will save you many trips to the local dump.

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