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Herb Salt (Making life in the kitchen easier)

Hello friends, the October rains and winds coming in hard from all angles in the garden can only mean one thing, winter is well and truly on its way. As I write this I can't help but glance out at my poor garden as it takes a hit from the weather. After our freezer fiasco earlier this summer when we lost all of our spring and summer stored crops (one of our small children must have turned it off without us knowing) we have been frantically trying to restock. All hands have been on deck to harvest the last of the food from our allotment, potatoes, corn, beans and onions. But the elements are now against us. Naturally there is still loads of work to be done before we can bid the garden a find farewell for the winter, gently close the doors and wrap up in our blankets, but even with the best of intentions to record autumn and winter display for pots , on days like today when you are blown back into your home by the wind it only makes sense to turn to the kitchen.

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