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Jobs for December

The Christmas tree has entered our home, the carols are playing and the festive season is well and truly in full flow. I really thought I had organised myself properly this year, when at 4am I realised I HAVEN'T bought my partner a gift, sigh, back to the shops I go! But the garden still calls to me, asking me to join it and wander around to find the small moments of beauty left from this year, desperately hanging on. The nemesia, the roses, all still in bloom even with the frost casing their leaves in the morning. I have FINALLY cleared the home vegetable bed. Cleared the crops that had died back and been left to brown and dry, cleared the weeds while finding the odd carrot left in the ground. Weeded around the parsnips which will happily stay in the ground until they are needed on Christmas Day and watered and fed the swede plants. But with the wind whistling past my cold ears I can appreciate the lyrics of "In the Bleak MidWinter". The garden has slowed down to almost a stop and come January and February it will be fast asleep.

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