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The Tool Shed

So many of you have reached out to me and asked in one way or another what products I simply LOVE. "Oh Boy" I reply with! There are so many, so so many! So as an added bonus article it only makes sense to put them all here for you to see!

These are my ride or die gardening must haves! The ones I have tried and tested and put through their paces!

And I mean from this!

to this!!

So yeah ...paces...ha!

Now I could go on about books, tools, products and so much more! But let's do this in bite size chunks shall we? If you find this helpful let me know below and I can always do another listing my favourite books!

So let's not beat around the bramble bushes! What weeding tools are my best friends cos oh Lordy lord weeds are a pain!

Now before I go further I will link each product I use and where I have bought it from. Which most of the time is Amazon. So to cover my own bum a little and to put your mind at ease....

This article contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase plugins and services I mention at no extra cost to you! It will not cost you more if bought through me or this link, I just get a little out of Amazons pocket from advertising them here, which in turn helps as it's where I buy them from anyway. However I only recommend the best tools/ books ext. – which I have used and can recommend.

Ok now that's out the way, TOO THE TOOL SHED!

Weed Puller

This weed puller has saved me so much time and energy! Is it great for groups of weeds? Well no unless you use the side stirup to cut them off. However! The prong is wonderful for those really deep roots! Dandelions and Docks I found became much easier to get out. Especially those long anchor roots they send down. Followed by a soaking in freshly boiled water down onto any roots left behind, has definitely made a difference!

The Lucko Weeder (my fav!)

This was gifted to me for Christmas and at first I thought "well we see how it fairs". It has however become my absolute go too weeder! It makes heck of a light work! Yes it is still back breaking to bend over and de weed a whole bed! BUT, I tend to use a Hoe for large spaces, this however is PERFECT for a round already growing veg or established plants! Onions and garlic don't like competing with weeds, as they suck up all the nutrients. This easily gets round the plant and removes the weeds! It honestly is like a gardening magic trick! I have recommended it before both on my Instagram and TikTok, the feedback I have had from others who ordered theirs is AMAZING! We all LOVE it!

The Ultimate gardeners best friend!
Wolf Garten

Now this attachment is more money, it is! Is it worth it? EVERY...PENNY!

I will say this, is it great with Clay soil? It has a harder time of it, that is true. Is it impossible to use with clay soil, oh my gosh no! I has saved me so much back ache I could kiss it!

So this is gonna lead me on to the next one,

The Wolf Garten Handle

Now we buy the handle separate, why you ask. Well the BEAUTY of Wolf Garten is all their attachments fit the same pole, I know, genius! So you don't have to find room for a Hoe, a Rake, a Tiller. You just need one handle, and a box or storage for all the different head attachments! Gosh it makes life easier when you are limited on space!

Now you can get the handle in 170cm length, 120cm, or 150cm or even 90cm!

I use the 150cm, because I'm quite short, but I also don't want back ache from tilling a whole veg bed and bending over a short pole to do it.


Every gardener and I mean EVERY gardener should have a Hoe of some sort! Whether that be a hand held one for close up work, or a long version for large spaces. Now there are loads to choose from! I use one called a Dutch Hoe, now I actually got mine in Home Baragins so this is the closest I could find in price! BUT remember how I said the Wolf Garten do different attachments, well, they also do a Dutch Hoe attachment too so I'll link both below.

The reason I love the Dutch Hoe is that it glides just under the soil surface so not to upset the structure too much. But cuts the roots off off the weed, then simply leave them on the soil surface to bake in the sun or collect up. Remember never to Hoe on a wet day, the weeds can just take root again. But a hot day? The roots burn up and dry out and die! MAGIC!

Silverline Dutch Hoe, closes in price to Home Bargains one I have.

Wolf Garten Dutch Hoe attachment! Remember with a Hoe to always keep them sharp and they will 70% of the work for you!!


Now I can't show all theses off and recommend them without my handy tool to sharpen them! A blunt Hoe is near on USELESS! We need to keep our tools sharp, from Loppers to the shovel!

This handy little tool is pocket size, I keep it usually in my back pocket when gardening, because you would be surprised how quickly tools become blunt. Pruning flowers such as the Rose, the cuts need to be clean, snags can let in disease. So the Sharpal is wonderful in my eyes! This may sound silly, but it also isn't complicated to use! Just run it at a 45 degree angle along the blade each side 7-8 times and your done! I have used it on all my gardening tools and my kitchen knives.

Now please remember what I have said before in the "Where to start article", "Don't go broke" when it comes to gardening. Are these tools helpful YES! But you don't need to rush out and get all of these straight away! Collecting tools over time is where its at! Gifts from birthdays, Christmas and so on. In a way, they will mean more to you as well!

I hope these help a little, and let me know below in the comments, What is YOUR favourite tool to use?

As always

Happy Gardening


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